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Post Category: Winter Landscaping

How To Bring Life To Your Winter Garden

During the winter, our landscaping and gardens tend to look dreary and colourless. While this is a natural result of the cold winter weather, there are a few ways to bring colour and a bit of life to your garden this season.
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5 Ways To Prep Your Condo Landscaping For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and getting your condo’s landscaping ready for the winter season can help to protect your property from the harsh weather. Before the first snowfall and below-freezing temperatures hit, we recommend doing the following taskstrue
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Landscaping Projects You Can Do In The Winter

Winters in Southern Ontario can be cold, harsh and snowy — not exactly the most hospitable environment for plants and landscapes. However, the winter months offers a few options for landscaping projects so you can continue to get enjoyment out of yourtrue
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Why You Should Think About Landscaping in the Winter

When it’s the dead of winter, the last thing you’re thinking about is your garden. Or perhaps you’re thinking about all the things you can’t wait to do with it in the spring — to get you through the dark, cold winter months!
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