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5 Ways To Prep Your Condo Landscaping For Winter

Winter is quickly approaching and getting your condo’s landscaping ready for the winter season can help to protect your property from the harsh weather. Before the first snowfall and below-freezing temperatures hit, we recommend doing the following tasks to prepare your landscaping for the winter:

1. Clean Your Eavestroughs

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, the eavestroughs on your building can become full of debris. Between falling leaves and branches knocked around by summer storms, your eavestroughs may have so much debris in them that they stop working effectively. This buildup can cause blockages and can even freeze up during the winter months. Cleaning the debris will help to prevent any potential water damage to your roof during the winter. It will also alleviate dripping water on walkways from the eavestroughs, which can happen if the water cannot flow freely to the downspouts.

2. Address Standing Water Issues

Take a look around your property and make note of any areas that cause standing water problems. This can be mild dips in the grass where water collects, or even areas on your walkways. Anywhere that puddles form can become hazardous in the winter if they freeze over. Take care of standing water issues before the below-freezing temperatures hit.

3. Make A Plan For Snow Removal

Whether you currently have a snow removal plan or not, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your snow removal plan or get in touch with a snow removal contractor. Make sure your contractor has a map indicating the designated areas you’d like them to pile the snow, as well as where utility boxes and storm drains are located on your property to prevent damage or obstruction.

4. Have Salt On Hand

Having a snow removal contractor is essential for our Ontario winters, but it’s important for condo residents to have a backup plan as well. Depending on your contract, there may be events that are not included in your snow removal package. In these cases, it’s a good idea to be prepared and have salt or another ice melter on hand. At TLC, we provide residents with a sand or salt bin on site for you to use; just make sure to have your own scoop as those are not provided.

5. Winterize Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system or sprinkler system on your property, they can be susceptible to damage over the winter if they aren’t properly prepared for the cold weather. In the fall, it’s a good idea to have these systems winterized to avoid any freezing pipes or flooding. Ask your irrigation specialist to help you with this task.

At TLC, we offer reliable winter care and maintenance for your condo so that the winter weather doesn’t get in the way of your residents’ daily lives. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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