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What Does Your Pesticide Lawn Sign Mean?

It is likely you have seen these familiar lawn signs on your property, giving you notice that a pesticide has been used in the area. We wanted to take a moment to let you know what you are looking at when seeing these signs.
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How We Use Fiesta® to Control Unwanted Weeds

At TLC Landscaping, one of the more powerful tools we have at our disposal is Fiesta® Lawn Herbicide. As a government licenced applicator, we regularly use Fiesta® to control and eliminate unsightly weeds on our client’s properties.
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Fiesta Weed Control for Your Lawns

Now that spring is in the air, many of us are faced with a familiar sight: weeds in our lawns. For condo owners, it can be a constant battle as you struggle to keep your grounds looking great and presenting a good impression.
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