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Post Category: Mulch

Mulch Madness: 5 Benefits of Mulching

As spring approaches, it’s time to start thinking about mulching your garden beds. The best time to start mulching in Ontario would be in the mid to late spring; when temperatures are above freezing and the soil is warming up.
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4 Signs Your Condo Property Is Improperly Mulched

Mulch can be a great addition to your condo landscaping, helping to keep the roots of your trees, shrubs and plants cool, retaining moisture in the soil and preventing weeds. Typically, we recommend a layer of one to two inches. However, it is possibletrue
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How to Improve Your Gardens with Mulch

Mulch is often misunderstood, and sometimes even the most avid gardeners aren’t aware of just how useful it can be for flower beds and gardens. There are lots of ways that you can use mulch to your advantage in your landscaping.
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