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What Does Your Pesticide Lawn Sign Mean?

It is likely you have seen these familiar lawn signs on your property, giving you notice that a pesticide has been used in the area. We wanted to take a moment to let you know what you are looking at when seeing these signs.

At TLC, we primarily use two herbicides to tackle turf and hard surface weeds; Finalsan, a non-selective herbicide for weeds and grasses on hard surfaces, and Fiesta, a selective herbicide for weeds in turf. Additionally, we apply Dormant Oil early in spring to prevent insect damage on your trees and shrubs. All of these products are organic and dry within hours making them safe for humans and pets alike.

We invite you to learn more about these products: Finalsan Fact SheetFiesta Fact Sheet, as well as more information on Dormant Oil and horticulture oils.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical pesticide/herbicide lawn sign:

  1. Product Used – what product or controlled product was applied

  2. Registration Number – Used to identify the applicator of the product

  3. Pest – The targeted pest and reason for the application

  4. Application Area – Where to be aware that a pesticide was spread

  5. Contact: How to reach the applicator if needed.

  6. Date Applied – When was the pesticide applied

Please reach out to your Client Care Manager for more information about products used on and around your property. We focus on using products that have low-risk and minimal impact on the surrounding community.

Topics: Condo Grounds Care, Commercial Grounds Care, Dormant Oil, Finalsan, Fiesta