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Landscaping Projects You Can Do In The Winter

Winters in Southern Ontario can be cold, harsh and snowy — not exactly the most hospitable environment for plants and landscapes. However, the winter months offers a few options for landscaping projects so you can continue to get enjoyment out of your property year-round.

1. Assess your landscape

When your landscape begins to look bare in the winter, you can more readily assess any changes you may want to make in the new year. You’ll be able to see hardscape elements like trellises and arbours while they’re not covered in foliage and see whether they need to be fixed or replaced. You can also get a feel for how you can improve the space for next winter, as hardscape elements can enhance your winter landscape.

2. Fill summertime containers

Winter isn’t the time for planting, but it can be a great time to bring the festive spirit of winter to life with your containers. If you’re looking for low maintenance, consider filling your containers with evergreen branches and twigs or anything you can find with some colour in it. You can even adorn it with fairy lights as a delightful winter centrepiece for your landscape!

3. Plan next year’s projects

One of the best ways to keep your mind on your landscaping over the winter months is to plan next year’s projects.Buy gardening or landscaping books, browse Pinterest for inspiration and draw up a plan of how you’d like your backyard or front yard to look next year. Come springtime, you’ll have a solid plan and be able to book a landscaping company before the summer rush! To most homeowners’ surprise, landscaping projects completed by professionals in the early days of summer are often designed and scheduled much earlier in the new year. Don’t hesitate to contact your preferred landscaping company early in the new year.


At TLC Landscaping, we can help with all of your summertime landscaping projects, from the design stage to completion! Contact us today to find out how we can turn your dream landscape into a reality.

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