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Why You Should Think About Landscaping in the Winter

When it’s the dead of winter, the last thing you’re thinking about is your garden. Or perhaps you’re thinking about all the things you can’t wait to do with it in the spring — to get you through the dark, cold winter months!

Whatever the case, winter is the perfect time to start planning about your spring and summer landscaping projects. Here are three great reasons to think about landscaping in the winter:

1. Get a Jump-Start on Your Spring Landscaping Projects

If you start planning your spring landscaping projects during the winter, you have a better chance of getting a head-start when the spring rolls around. Most landscaping companies get booked up pretty quickly in April, May and June, so if you’re planning months ahead, you’ll be able to find the right landscaper for your project and nail down a start date without having to wait until the middle of the summer. You’ll also be able to get any foundations needed for your project poured in plenty of time to start on the rest of the work.

2. Consider the Planning Time With Your Landscaper

Even if you’ve formulated your own landscaping plan, you’ll need to consider how much time you need to work with your landscaper to finalize your official designs. Typically, it will take two to four weeks for a landscaper designer to formulate the final draft of the design and plan the steps required to get your project done.

3. The Bigger the Job, The More Lead Time You Need

If you’re considering a major renovation to your backyard or front yard, your project will require more lead time. Big jobs require more hands on deck, heavier machinery, more coordination and, of course, more time to complete. All of these factors mean that your landscaping plan could require longer than two to four weeks to finalize.

If you’re ready to start planning your project with TLC Landscaping Design & Pools, don’t wait. Contact us or request a free consultation!

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