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Spring Site Inspection: Preparing Your Landscapes for Spring

As the snow melts and the ground thaws, warmer weather reveals the toll winter took on our landscapes. As a property manager or board member, springtime presents an opportunity to walk around your property and identify areas of concern from the winter and opportunities for landscape enhancements. We call this a Spring Site Inspection, and we highly recommend bringing your landscaper along to get an expert opinion.  

Here are 5 things we are looking for during a Spring Site Inspection: 

1) Dead Plants   

We will identify plants that need to be removed or replaced, as well as dead wood on trees and shrubs. It’s important to remove dead plants and wood to prevent pests and diseases from spreading throughout your garden.

Dead plants that do not survive the winter should be removed or replaced.

2) Safety Concerns 

We look for various site safety concerns including loose driveway or walkway bricks, the buildup of dirt and debris on shared roadways, fallen trees and branches, etc.

Loose driveway bricks can be a serious tripping hazard for residents.

Loose driveway or walkway bricks can be a serious tripping hazard for residents.

3) Winter Damage  

We will identify any damage to your turf, plants, fences, and property, and present solutions for resolving these issues.

A fallen tree is an example of winter property damage our team can help with.

4) Drainage Issues   

We will look for standing water between houses and units that may be a sign of a drainage issue; such issues can lead to serious property damage if not dealt with properly.

A Spring Site Inspection can identify drainage issues on your property.

5) Enhancement Options   

We will discuss ideas for beautifying your property. We offer a variety of enhancement services from garden rejuvenations, to turf enhancements, lifts and relays, and more!

A Spring Site Inspection may identify landscape enhancement options, like lift and relays.

Top Tip: It is helpful to come prepared to your Spring Site Inspection with a list of items to discuss. Often, our clients will meet with board members or send a survey to residents before meeting with us to discuss the feedback they received. 

If you’re ready to start talking about your spring landscaping needs for your commercial or condominium property, book a Spring Site Inspection with our Client Care Team at TLC Landscaping. 

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