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Spring Condo Landscaping Checklist

With the official start of spring just a few weeks away, it’s time to start planning your spring condo landscaping maintenance.

After a long winter, spring is the perfect time to do some much-needed landscaping and get some to-dos checked off your list before the summer arrives.

1. Start planning your planting

The first thing you can do in the spring is to begin planning what plants you’ll want to have this year. Whether you are planting containers or planting flowers, shrubs and trees in the ground, it’s important to begin planning early. Planning will help you coordinate any material upgrades (buying planters or extending your flower beds) that may result from your planting needs.

2. Get your landscaping contract in order

Having regular condo landscaping maintenance is essential for presenting your property in a good light to both current and potential residents. But for many condo property owners, scheduling time for regular landscaping maintenance isn’t always easy.

If you don’t already have a landscaping maintenance contract, hire a landscaping company in the spring for all of your year-round maintenance needs. If you already have a relationship with a landscaping company, be sure to reach out to them and ensure that your contract is in order for the coming year.

3. Schedule your spring walk-around

Winter can cause a lot of damage to your property. Wind, ice and snow can damage outdoor structures, trees, shrubs, and even hardscape elements like pathways and retaining walls. Ask your landscaping contractor to do a spring walk-around of your property to assess any damage you may have missed. They’ll be able to make recommendations for maintenance and upgrades to help get your property refreshed for the warmer months ahead.

At TLC Landscaping, we offer reliable property maintenance to keep your condo property looking its best! Contact us to find out how we can help.

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