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How to Improve Your Lawn with Slit-Seeding

Taking care of your lawn is an important part of ensuring that your condo property, and overall landscaping, looks its best and stays healthy. Whether you have small areas of lawn or large expanses, slit-seeding is a great way to improve your lawn.

What is Slit-Seeding?

Slit-seeding is the process of seeding your lawn using a machine. The machine has tines that separate the dirt ⅛ of an inch to ¼ of an inch, creating a slit. Grass seed is deposited directly into the slits or grooves, helping the seed easily take root in the soil and get the nutrients required. Slit-seeding super-charges your grass seeds’ chances of growing full and healthy!

When Should I Slit-Seed My Lawn?

Typically, condo owners find themselves reseeding their lawns either in the spring or the fall. Over the winter, your lawn may have experienced winterkill (loss of lawn over the winter), while the summer can expose your lawn to heat stress (damage caused by long periods of hot, dry weather). Either way, this prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can kill off your grass, leaving you with unsightly bare patches.

If you notice bare patches, or if your lawn is thin year after year, you may want to consider slit-seeding to ensure that your reseeding efforts will be effective.

What Are the Benefits of Slit-Seeding?

Slit-seeding differs from other methods of seeding a lawn because it deposits the seeds directly into the soil, rather than setting them on top. The seed is fully immersed in  the soil, so it is able to take root more easily. If you simply sprinkle your lawn with grass seeds, without creating these slits, the seeds might just sit on top of the thatch that results from mowing your lawn.

With slit-seeding, your new lawn can look as good as fresh sod. Keeping a fuller, thicker lawn can have long-term benefits as well. A thick lawn can prevent weeds from taking hold and help control soil erosion. Try slit seeding this season and see the full benefits for yourself!

At TLC Landscaping, our professional grounds maintenance service can help keep your condo property looking its best year-round. Contact your Condo’s TLC Client Care Manager to book your Slit Seeding Appointment.

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