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Preparing Your Garden Beds For The Summer

Our cold and snowy winters are tough on our garden beds. That’s why it’s important to give your beds some much-needed maintenance in the spring, so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

Assess Damage

Your garden beds may have experienced some damage over the winter, so it’s important to assess any damage that needs to be fixed in the spring. Inspect any perennials you have left in your beds over the winter and see if they are exhibiting signs of life. Check the borders of your garden beds and see if they are still in good shape, including any retaining walls or other borders.

Prune & Mulch

As the plants in your garden beds start to come back to life in the spring, do some pruning to encourage new growth and put down some fresh mulch to prevent the roots from drying out or overheating. Pruning is an art form, so you may want to check with the professionals before making any major adjustments.

Clean Up Lighting

If you have lighting installed around your outdoor spaces, be sure to assess them for damage. Make sure your bulbs are still working and none are broken. If you have lighting that you take down for the winter, now is an ideal time to re-install them for the season. Higher end systems installed by professionals can be left installed year road to provide great winter interest, but we recommend cleaning the lense.

Clear Up Leaves & Debris

Clear your garden beds of any leaves or debris that you missed in the fall. A buildup of debris on your garden beds can compact the soil and prevent the plants from being able to get the nutrients and oxygen they need to grow.

Consider Starting Fresh

If you’ve neglected your garden beds and outdoor spaces for a long time, even before the winter set in, you may want to consider starting fresh. Neglected landscaping can be difficult to bring back to life without a more extensive landscape redesign. Regular maintenance of your garden beds will keep your landscaping looking great for years to come.Pr

At TLC Landscaping, we offer landscaping design services that will turn your property into the landscape of your dreams. Contact us to learn more.

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