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Mission-E: TLC’s Commitment to Sustainability

London, ON – April 27, 2023 – It’s no secret that our planet is facing a serious climate crisis, and companies must take action to limit its impact. With growing carbon taxes and regulations, businesses will soon have no choice but to adapt their strategies. As a leader in the Ontario landscaping industry, we recognize our responsibility to incorporate sustainability into our daily operations. Here are some of the ways we are making a difference:

Reducing Salt Usage

In the winter, salt can be harsh on landscapes and increase sodium chloride levels in the runoff. To combat this, our teams pre-wet road salt with magnesium chloride, allowing them to use less salt and achieve quicker results. We also use liquid brine, which acts quickly and has a more effective residual action.

In the 2022-23 winter season, TLC reduced its salt usage by 25%.

Lowering Energy, CO2, Smog, & Fuel Consumption

TLC plans to convert most of its handheld power equipment from gas to battery-electric (BE) by April 2024. BE equipment uses much less fuel energy than gasoline equipment. And, 92% of Ontario’s electricity is carbon-free.

Two-thirds of our Grounds Care Teams are now using BE equipment on-site. By April 2024, all of our Grounds Care Teams will be using BE equipment.


Minimizing Noise Pollution on Job Sites

TLC is dedicated to decreasing noise levels on job sites, and we have discovered that using BE equipment can help. BE equipment creates 56% less noise and zero noise when idle.


Vehicle Conversion to Hybrid Electric

Gas prices at and above $1.60/L are here to stay. Our goal is to be at the forefront of environmental leadership in the Canadian landscaping industry. To achieve this, we plan to transition all our company vehicles to battery-electric.

As a first step, we have switched to using hybrid electric vehicles for our staff that do not require a large vehicle. Not only do hybrids use less fuel, but they also do not require external charging, ensuring that we will never get stranded when our clients need us most.

Keep an eye out for our fleet of battery-electric and hybrid vehicles, decorated with stickers that showcase our commitment to sustainability.


Have you considered the amount of CO2 produced from generating electricity?

Yes, we have! In Ontario, the carbon rate is significantly lower than producing equivalent energy from gasoline. In fact, 92% of electricity generated in Ontario has no direct carbon emissions. Moreover, one kWh of power generated in Ontario only emits 25g of CO2e, while one litre of gasoline produces 2,300g. That’s a significant difference!

Summary of Carbon Reduction in 2023

TLC’s total carbon reduction will be 127 MT/year – a reduction of 17% based on our average emissions of about 767 MT/year. Our commitment to sustainability will also result in less smog, less fuel, and less noise, making a meaningful difference to the environment and the lives of our clients and teams.


To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, contact us today! 


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