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How To Get A Low-Maintenance Landscape For Your Condo Building

Investing in landscaping for your condo building is a great way to attract potential buyers, but the last thing you want is a high-maintenance outdoor space that requires time and effort on your part.

Here are some key elements to consider when creating an attractive and low-maintenance landscape.

1. Use Mulch

If you’re planting flower beds or shrubs, you should consider covering the soil in the beds with mulch. Mulch creates a barrier between the sun and the soil which keeps the soil moist  so you can water less often and it helps to prevent weeds. Organic mulches also break down and provide your soil and plants with nutrients — this makes for healthier, happier plants. It is best to go with natural mulches as opposed to dyed mulches as it breaks down quicker and add more nutrients back into the soil. Natural mulches also retain their colour and do not fade.

2. Plant Low-Maintenance Plants

Flowerbeds can be a great alternative to grassy areas on your condo property, especially if you choose the right plants. Select low-maintenance perennials that will come back year after year, and try to focus on native plants as they will work best in your area’s climate. You can also look for plants that require infrequent watering and choose the best plants for shade and full-sun areas.

3. Choose Pest-Repellent Plants

One of the most expensive parts of maintaining an outdoor space can be using pesticides to keep your plants looking healthy and pest-free. One way to avoid the use of pesticides, and save you money, is to invest in pest-repellent plants. Low-maintenance plants like lavender, lemongrass, chrysanthemums, petunias and a range of herbs look and smell beautiful and will help to keep bugs away.

At TLC Landscaping, we offer landscaping and maintenance for condo complexes so you can focus on the rest of your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep your outdoor space looking beautiful year-round!

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