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The TLC Difference: Paving Stone Lift and Relay

Ageing paths such as driveways, walkways and patios may begin to warp or unsettle over time. This will often result in hazardous bumps or cavities which form as the ground below shifts over time.

Restoring your walkways back to level does not have to be a sophisticated process. With the right approach, time and materials most problems can be effectively addressed and professionally repaired.

However, we continue to see contractors promising long-lasting Lift and Relay solutions that don’t seem to stand to the test of time.

Paving Stone Lift and Relay at TLC Landscaping

The difference between a Lift and Relay that lasts and one that doesn’t is the care and materials we put into each job.

The primary cause of warped paving is often the substrate below. Water erosion, poor-quality fill such as sand or gravel and weak edge restraints will all factor into how long your surface stays level.

At TLC, our lift and relay paving is quite different compared to other “quick-fix” lift and relay companies. 

First, we lift and relay the entire driveway – not just the affected areas – to ensure conformity and consistency. Once the paving stone has been lifted we will adjust the existing gravel base as required followed by a new layer of levelled High-Performance Bedding (HPB) along with replacing and installing edge constraints as needed. 

After the paving stone is replaced, we finish off by sweeping high-quality polymeric sand into the spaces between bricks. This tightens the fitting of the paving and locks the components in. Lastly, we cover our work with a one-year warranty.

Beyond our standard Lift and Relay service, we can take it a step further by reinforcing your gravel base with a mixture of fresh gravel and Portland Concrete. We rototill your existing gravel base, adding in Portland concrete to strengthen the mixture and top-off gravel as needed. 

The rejuvenated base is then layered with sand for levelling and new edge constraints to help keep everything together followed by high-quality polymeric sand to fill in the spaces between paving stones. Our rototilled Portland/Gravel base Lift and Relay service is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Last, our most comprehensive solution is a full excavation of existing gravel and sand layers. This is then replaced with a strong base of a gravel and Ultra Base mixture. Ultra Base is a dryer form of concrete that is compacted in place of standard gravel base and allows for the sand layer to be applied sooner. 

This ultra base option comes with a 7-year warranty and is finished off with a levelled layer of sand, edge restraints and polymeric fill-sand to complete the job.

Our Ultra Base option is backed by our full 7-year warranty but you can expect this to hold long into the future. Don’t take our word for it, check out this Ultra Base Lift and Relay job we did 15 years ago here in London – still looking great to this day.

Don’t Compromise – See the TLC Difference

Most “quick-fix” companies will lift only the affected area, often not replacing edge constraints and finishing the job with under-performing fill such as bedding sand.

This solution only kicks the can down the road a little further and never really addresses the core problems for why the paving was warping in the first place. It’s no surprise these “quick-fixes” often only come with a 30-day warranty, if at all.

The experience, materials and care make the difference we stand by with every Stone Paving Lift and Relay job we approach. Expect quality, expect service, expect creativity – Expect More with TLC Landscaping.

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