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4 Signs You Might Need a Landscape Redesign and Garden Rejuvenation

As a condo owner, you know it’s important to create curb appeal for your community of owners, and potentially attract more condo tenants. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs on your property, it may be time to consider a landscape redesign:

Your Garden Looks Tired

Does your garden look tired and aged? Over time, grass can get patchy, plants can become overgrown and your garden will stop looking its best, even with regular maintenance. A tired, aged-looking garden is a sure sign that you could use an update. Consider replacing overgrown plants, reseeding your lawn and make sure you put garden beds at the entrance of the condo building.

Your Garden Looks Dated

Like with fashion and interior design, garden trends come and go. What may have looked great and modern ten years ago may be starting to look a little dated this year. Landscaping should typically be updated once every five years to maintain a fresh look.

Your Trees Are Too Big

Over time, certain species of trees can become overgrown and can even start to block out the light from entering the condo building. Large trees also often prevent grass from growing beneath them because the grass doesn’t get enough sunlight. Trees are still an important part of your landscape and the environment as a whole, so consider pruning bigger trees, or cutting them down and planting smaller ones in their place.

Your Common Areas Have Seen Better Days

It’s not just the landscaping at the front of your building that you should consider updating, but other common use areas as well. If your condo building has common outdoor seating or recreation areas, take stock and make sure they’re still in great shape. Update them with more plants, new walkways and new benches if necessary.

At TLC Landscaping, we can help turn your condo property into an attractive, enviable property with tons of curb appeal.

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