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How We Deal With Winter Storms

At TLC Landscaping Design + Pools, we understand how important it is for condo owners and managers to have plans in place for severe weather. Keeping your units safe and accessible during the winter season is essential, as it ensures your residents can continue with their daily activities.

When we are asked to provide winter services for a condo property, here’s what you can expect from us in the event of a winter storm.

1. We’ll get to work when the snow level reaches over four centimetres.

A light dusting of snow isn’t likely to impact your residents too much, but when the snow is four centimetres deep, we’ll send our four snow cleanup crews to your condo building.

2. Our process makes safety our number one priority.

We’ve worked to develop and refine a snow removal process that puts you and your residents first. When we arrive at your condo building, we’ll work on clearing the surrounding roads first. It’s important to make sure emergency services have access to the condo units in case of an emergency, so this is our primary concern.

3. Driveways and walkways are our next concern.

While roadways are important for safety, snow-covered driveways and walkways can often cause slips and falls as well. It’s not enough for your condo residents that the main roads are clear, so we make it our second priority to get our crews to shovel your driveways and walkways for their convenience. We’ll also send one of our crews to apply salt to your driveways and walkways to prevent slipping.

4. Snow removal is essential for safety and to keep your property looking great.

Some property maintenance companies will just leave piles of snow around your property, but we believe it’s important to include snow removal in our process. Piles of snow lining your walkways and driveways can be dangerous for children, animals and the elderly, so we remove the snow with our trucks.

5. We believe in the importance of follow-up.

We’ll work to keep your property maintained and snow-free as long as necessary, and even if the snow has stopped, we’ll visit you again the next day to address anything that needs cleaning up. If it continues to snow, we’ll keep coming back to your property every 24 hours to make sure your driveways, walkways and the roads surrounding your property remain clear and accessible at all times.

To learn more about our services for condo managers, contact us today!

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