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How To Conserve Water With Landscaping

For condo owners, conserving water isn’t just important for limiting your environmental impact — it can also have a big impact on your bottom line. While maintaining a beautiful landscape can help you to attract potential buyers, it doesn’t have to be difficult to conserve water while doing so.

1. Plan Ahead

Making a landscape maintenance plan, before the heat of the summer sets in, is essential for keeping your landscape looking healthy without using too much water. New plants should be planted in the spring, so they’ll require less water while they’re putting down new roots. You can also consider planning for an irrigation system, which can save you water compared with a traditional sprinkler system.

2. Plant Native & Drought-Tolerant Species

If you want your plants to thrive, ensure you’re planting an abundance of native species in your garden. Native species are adapted to our weather conditions and will require less maintenance and watering than non-native species. If you really want to limit your water usage, consider drought-resistant native plants that will be quite happy being left alone during dry spells.

3. Use Compost & Mulch

Compost and mulch are essential to conserving water. When you’re planting, add compost to the soil, as it will help keep water near the plant’s roots and prevent evaporation. Once you’ve planted, add mulch to the top of the soil to prevent the roots and soil from drying out in the sun and heat.

4. Reduce Your Lawn

Large swathes of grass require regular watering and, if you live in an area where water usage is limited during the summer months, your grass could end up looking parched and brown. Instead, opt for drought-resistant ground cover like creeping thyme and install pathways to limit the amount of lawn you have on your property.

5. Water Deeply In The Evenings

One of the easiest ways to waste water is to water your plants during the heat of the day. When it’s hot and sunny, water will evaporate faster than the roots of your plants can soak it up. Instead, opt for watering plants after 7pm during the summer months, and give those plants a good soak to ensure they get all of the water and nutrients they need. Watering deeply will also help you from having to water your plants too often.

At TLC Landscape Design & Pools, our condo landscaping maintenance can help you save time, money and water, while keeping your property looking its best. Contact our team to learn more.

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