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4 Signs Your Condo Property Has Drainage Issues

Keeping your condo property well maintained is essential for protecting your investment. Moisture is one of the most potentially damaging elements for your condo property, and ensuring that you have proper drainage can help you protect your building and the surrounding property.

Here’s how to tell if you have drainage issues:

1. Wet areas

If you have any areas on your property that are wet for long periods of time, you may have drainage issues. Wet areas and puddling can be caused by improper grading, and the buildup of water can kill your lawn and plants. You may also notice ice build up during the winter. To solve this drainage issue, you can have your landscaping graded and consider installing creek beds for stormwater. 

2. Sump pumps are constantly running

Sump pumps are necessary to help keep your building safe from water, but if you have drainage issues on your property, your sump pump may constantly run. Sump pumps may also continuously run if your sprinkler system breaks and begins to leak. No matter the cause, it’s important to fix your sump pump problem so that it can continue to protect your condo property from water damage.

3. Water damage to your foundation

When it rains, your gutter system and downspouts work by directing excess water away from your buildings.  It is important to ensure that your foundation is protected against water leaking into your building from sitting and running water. If you have noticed water buildup around the exterior of your building and near the foundation, have your gutter systems evaluated and consider installing a longer downspout to direct the water elsewhere.

4. Types of grass

Did you know that you can tell whether certain areas of your property are more wet than others by looking at the grass? If you have finer grass in certain areas, this is an indicator that the ground may tend to be more wet. Coarser grass, on the other hand, tends to grow in drier areas. While this may not necessarily be a cause for concern, keeping an eye on your grass can help you determine whether or not a drainage issue may develop in the future.

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