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How To Fix Common Lawn Problems

Now that spring has finally arrived, your lawn and grass will soon start to grow back. As it comes back to life after a dormant winter, you may start to notice damage to your condo property’s lawn. Whether your lawn is patchy, brown, or dry, these are some common lawn problems you may notice this year and ways we can help:

1. White grubs

If your lawn is being damaged by white grubs in the soil, this type of damage may be more obvious in the fall. However, if you notice dead turf that pulls up easily, or if animals like skunks are digging in your lawn, you may have white grubs. Grubs feed on the grass roots, killing it almost immediately, but we can treat your lawn and provide regular maintenance to get it back to a healthy and lush state.

2. Dog damage

One of the most common types of damage to lawns is dog damage. This happens when dogs “do their business” on your lawn — turning lush, green grass into dead, brown spots. If you notice these small spots in an otherwise healthy lawn, consider taking steps to keep dogs away from your lawn and soak the dead spot with a hose to bring it back to life. Regular maintenance will help to keep your lawn fertilized, seeded and healthy.

3. Fungus

Fungus disease produces dead spots in your lawn, which appear suddenly and spread quickly. While fungus disease can be serious and have a significant impact on your lawn’s health, we can treat it with a combination of watering, fertilizing and aerating until your lawn is healthy again.

4. Poor pH levels

If your soil has too many or too few nutrients, this impacts its pH levels, which makes it difficult for certain plants to grow. If you notice your lawn is thin and moss has begun to take hold where grass should be, the pH level of the soil may be off. We can help fix this by aerating the soil and switching to a shade-tolerant variety of grass for your lawn.

5. Foot traffic & broken sprinklers

Sometimes, lawn damage can occur simply because your lawn is not being maintained properly. Foot traffic can cause compacted soil, which doesn’t let the grass breathe, and broken sprinklers will result in a lack of water causing your lawn to have brown areas and dry spots. To combat these issues, we can perform annual aeration services and update your sprinkler system.

At TLC Landscaping, our summer condo maintenance services will help to ensure that your lawn is healthy from spring through fall. Contact us to get started.

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