The TLC Design Process

A great landscape starts with a great design.

Step 1 – Home Consultation

When you request a design from us, our first step is to schedule a Home Consultation meeting with you and one of our landscape design experts. We will typically meet at your home, so we can get a sense of the property and your own personal style.

Our Home Consultation will typically last for an hour, where we will exchange ideas, make some suggestions based on your needs, wants & desires, along with providing you an honest estimate for your dream landscape, or putting the finishing touches on your established landscape.

Before we leave, we’ll quote you a fee to do a professional design and setup a time to meet again in 1 to 2 weeks. Want to start the process? Fill out the form below or call to book a Home Consultation — we’d love to meet with you!

Step 2 – Design Presentation

Once the design is completed, we will invite you to visit our studio for the design presentation. During this session, you’ll have an opportunity to see samples, review the proposal, and — if you like the final design — sign an agreement to move forward with your project.

If you’d like to see changes to the design, we are happy to receive feedback. We will work with you to ensure we understand your expectations for the project, and then create a final change that meets them.

Once you’ve signed the agreement, we will provide you with a start date for your landscaping project. Over the next few days, we will work out the minor details, such as plant and colour choices. Please ensure that our schedule works for you. Our projects are often booked out 8–10 weeks in advance and will start on schedule.

Why Work With TLC?

Having trouble making a decision about whether to start a landscaping project with us? Don’t settle for part-timers and dabblers — hire the professionals. Here are a couple of great reasons:

  • Our team are experienced, full-time landscapers — we take the time to do it right.
  • We stick to our schedule, we will start and finish on time, every time.
  • Once we’ve started your job, we won’t leave until it’s done.

Read our testimonials and ask your friends and neighbours who have built landscapes and pools about their experience. We look forward to working for you and earning your referral on future work!

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