Shop Technician

Core Benefits

We’re redefining what it means to work in the landscaping industry. Gone are the part-time, dead-end positions. In its place are year-round roles with ample opportunity for education and advancement — for a career that grows with you.

G90 Program

Think landscaping is just a summer job? Think again. We’re proud to offer our full-time employees year-round income. That means you get 90% of your summer salary 52 weeks of the year.

Health Insurance

We believe that happy workers equal happy clients. That’s why all full-time employees receive full health and dental coverage after 3 months with TLC — so you can show up to work healthy and ready to make magic happen.

Job Description

A Shop Technician at TLC works alongside our mechanics and shop staff. As a part of this tight-knit team, the role is primarily focused on managing our seasonal maintenance teams trailers and equipment.

Duties & Responsibilities

Shop and Equipment

  • Prepare trailers for the morning (cleaning, equipment management, etc).
  • Fuel up all equipment and cans.
  • Sharpen and maintain blades.
  • Wash equipment/trucks as needed.
  • Remove broken equipment and replace it with rentals when needed.
  • Email repairs when needed.
  • Organize the shop and yard daily.
  • Plus any additionals tasks you are certified for, as requested by Management.

Role Schedule

  • 40 hours per week.
  • Daytime shift starting at 5:30 am, Monday – Friday.
  • Fulltime position.
  • Start Date: Spring 2021

Qualifications & Required Skills

  • G License mandatory.
  • A basic understanding of small engine maintenance such as changing the oil or replacing spark plugs and batteries.
  • Proficient in reversing vehicles ranging from smaller Kubotas to larger Salting Trucks.
  • Some mechanical experience is a plus, but not mandatory. 
  • You’re responsible and a self-start who is able to get the job done without oversight.

Apply For This Position

We’re on the hunt for motivated individuals to join our experienced Shop Team. If you’re looking for a meaningful and dynamic work environment where you can apply your diverse experience, apply to TLC Landscaping today!

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Why TLC?

Did you know that landscaping can be more than a summer job?

For our team of over 100 trained professionals, it’s a career that has allowed them to earn competitive salaries, purchase their own homes, buy vehicles, and save up for trips abroad. At TLC, we let you do what you do best. We believe that treating our team right is the best way to provide superior service to our clients.


About TLC Landscaping

TLC Landscaping started in 1986 as a property maintenance company based in London, Ontario.

Since then, we have grown into a family of over 100 talented professionals who make magic happen for our clients. Today, over 30 years later, TLC Landscaping has been voted the Best in London Top Landscape Company for 7 consecutive years, specializing in residential landscape design/build projects.

Features & Benefits

In our pursuit to make our communities beautiful, we have redefined landscaping.

As part of our team, you will contribute to our success. With constant learning and training, your skills will consistently improve, as will your opportunities for growth.

  • Guaranteed Winter Work
  • Guaranteed Income Year-Round
  • Full Healthcare Benefits
  • RRSP Contributions
  • Apprenticeships & Opportunities for Further Education
  • Industry Certifications for Equipment Training
  • Opportunities for Career Advancement